The motherboard is the heart of any computer system. Motherboards exist in a variety of designs, sizes, and chipsets, which decide what additional components your computer can support. Understanding the differences between chipsets might assist you in deciding which motherboard is best for you. The chipset of a motherboard is usually listed in the part name, such as the ASRock X570 Taichi ATX or the MSI B450 Gaming Plus ATX. The naming of these components might provide a lot of information, such as which processors the board supports, the part’s form type, and other characteristics like integrated WiFi. Specific sockets are required for Intel and AMD CPUs to function, and a motherboard will only support one brand.

When it comes to choosing a motherboard for gaming or any other purpose, the form factor is a wonderful place to start. The size or form factor of the motherboard will determine what kind of case it will fit in. The most prevalent sizes of current motherboards are ATX, microATX, and ITX, in order of largest to smallest. ATX motherboards are simple to build with and allow for the integration of a wide range of other components. As a result, they’re ideal for first-time PC builders or anyone trying to construct the most powerful computer feasible.

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